El Yucateco "Mild Fire" Pack

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El Yucateco "Mild Fire" Hot Sauce Pack


The "Mild Fire" Hot Sauce Pack contains our selection of 3 habanero sauces with very different flavors and seasonings. A rich blend of habaneros and Mexican spices to spice up any dish.

We will send you as a gift a mini bottle of our Kutbil habanero sauce and two sachets of our red and green habanero sauce to brighten up your day.

Free products in Pack :

    1 mini Kutbil Habanero bottle 22ml
    2 Red and Green habanero sachets each 5ml
€ 21.99

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100 % Mexican Chilis

El Yucateco Jalapeno Sauce (1,500-1,900 scoville)
The classic Jalapeño sauce, done the right way! Only the freshest peppers are used for this sauce. It’s the mildest of our sauces, but packs a rich flavor and gentle heat.
El Yucateco Chipotle Sauce(1,900-2,300 scoville)
Our only sweet sauce, our Chipotle Hot Sauce is made from a rich blend of naturally smoked chipotle peppers. Its deep flavor enriches hearty dishes, and adds smoky notes and sweet heat to grilled meats.

The Real Mexican Taste

El Yucateco Caribbean Habanero Sauce (6,300-7,700 scoville)
This sauce is a perfect blend of yellow habanero peppers and fresh carrots, a source high in Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene. Its slightly sweet taste and mild heat deliver the traditional flavors of Caribbean Cuisine.

Free in El Yucateco's Pack

Mini Kutbil Habanero Sauce (10,000-12,500 scoville)
We rescued this recipe from the culinary traditions of the ancient Mayan civilization, hence the name “Kutbil-Ik” - a Mayan word meaning “crushed chili”.
Red and Green Habanero Sachet(7,600-9,500 scoville)
The freshest green and red habanero peppers, garlic and fine spices blend into a fresh, flavorful sauce.

Content 1 El Yucateco Jalapeno bottle 150ml
1 El Yucateco Chipotle bottle 150ml
1 El Yucateco Caribbean Habanero bottle 120ml
1 El Yucateco Kutbil Habanero mini bottle 22ml
2 El Yucateco Green and Red Habanero Sachet 5ml
Dimensions 37 x 37 x 12 cm
Weight 800 gr
Country of Origin Mexico
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    Alonso Vazquez

    Sehr gut! Sehr guter Geschmack. Nicht zu scharf. Nette Gewürz/Zutatenmischung.

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    Joy Naliwaiko

    Sehr lecker! Produkt ist wie gewünscht. Leicht fruchtige Note und für Einsteiger gut geeignet. Eher mild und für den täglichen Gebrauch, ohne dass es einem gleich den Kopf wegschießt und die Geschmacksknospen wegätzt.

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